The Process

It's all in the process. When I'm not solving problems in the work for hire world, I often delve into competition/side projects to stretch my thinking and savor projects that I really liked that never moved forward. 

Impact of creative thinking.

It was my nieces coming of age party, a lot like a bat mitzvah, but since my in-laws are cuban they hosted a quinceanera for their daughter. It was Carnival themed event and I thought a giant mask would definitely improve the photography of the event and make it very authentic. So I sculpted a giant head, referencing those worn at a Brazilian Carnival. When people see something handcrafted they get very excited. Entertainment can easily be purchased but the thinking behind a creative gesture is priceless. I embraced this process thoroughly as it also helped me cope with my own reconstruction. The event was a hit. "Isabel" lead a chain of dancers and the photography, not your everyday content. 

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Marianne Angelo